Where to Find the Best Selection of Local Beers and Spirits in Bossier City, Louisiana

Are you looking for a great place to enjoy a cold beer or a spirit while watching sports or chatting with friends? Look no further than DAQ's Wings and Grill in Bossier City, Louisiana. This sports bar and restaurant offers an amazing selection of local beers and spirits, as well as delicious bar food. If you're searching for local beers, Flying Heart Brewing is Bossier's only brewery. You can also find a wide variety of imported, domestic, and specialty beers at the liquor store on Airline Drive.

Northwest Louisiana is home to many cultural events such as the Red River Revel, the Louisiana State Fair, the Mudbug Madness Festival, and the Independence Bowl. Eagle Distributing of Shreveport is a locally owned beverage distributor that has been serving Shreveport, Bossier City, and surrounding parishes for more than 30 years. At DAQ's Wings and Grill, you can enjoy beer and wings while watching football or chatting with team fans over a drink. The bar has 25 beers on tap and a dozen televisions dedicated to sports. You can also find an abundance of bar food such as hamburgers, wings, and other fried items.

Whether you're looking for a place to watch the game or just hang out with friends, DAQ's Wings and Grill is the perfect spot for you. With its great selection of local beers and spirits, delicious bar food, and friendly atmosphere, it's sure to be a hit with locals and visitors alike.

Lorrie Spitzer
Lorrie Spitzer

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